I’ve worked in editing and publishing for four years. My experience at 826CHI, the Academy of American Poets, Poets & Writers Magazine, and for myself via Raptor has given me a deep, multifaceted education in contemporary publishing. By working closely with people from every side of the publishing process, I’ve learned how necessary it is to find the right fit at every stage for an author’s work from start to finish.

Raptor Editing is also a publishing house that produces a zine series called Headspace. I solicit pieces, edit, and publish each issue largely by myself. Raptor is on track to produce and launch three books in 2017 alone.

It’s absolutely electric to see the joy in people when they hold something they’ve created in their hands, whether they’re a school kid, an editorial assistant, or a seasoned poet. I’ve been a writer and a part of writing communities for long enough to know that the excitement never leaves you.

Because my only insight into your life will be through your words, my opinions and edits will be unbiased and purely in the interest of your story. Whether you’re looking for a basic copy edit or a more developmental look at your work, I would be honored to help ready your manuscript for publication. In the past few years working in publishing, I’ve become very adept at working with writers of all ages to help draw their voice and ideas out and translate them on the page.


Tara J. | Founder, Producer, Editor-In-Chief

Just chilling by the Seine, you know, like you do

Raptor’s first-person narrator.

I got my start at 826CHI, a non-profit creative writing and tutoring center in Chicago for students grades K-12, working on their fourth Compendium anthology of student work. We provided a wide variety of services—field trips, after-school tutoring, in-school support—and whether the kids were 6 or 16, they would all leave our programs with a book in their hands.

After that, I packed up and moved to Brooklyn, where I walked dogs and worked on two books as the Special Editorial Projects Intern at the Academy of American Poets.

Last year, I was the 2015-16 Diana and Simon Raab Editorial Fellow for Poets & Writers Magazine. In my time there, I read and fact-checked every issue cover to cover, learning about the editorial process from a magazine and book publishing standpoint. I also worked with poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, publishers, and agents to create the Page One podcasts.

I’m currently getting my MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College, and occasionally working for the Academy as an independent contractor.

Hilary S. | Social Media & Marketing

Hilary S.

Hilary believes in creating great resources for folks in any field, whether it be a website service, a marketing campaign, or a poem. Her philosophy is to create good work (and good words) for the betterment of humanity. She’s written for 303 Magazine’s culture desk in Denver and freelanced for a tech-start up called Sweet Buzz Media. She also taught technology for the non-profit Open World Learning, where she co-piloted an art and tech-learning program for K-12 students.

Hilary is completing her MFA in Writing at Sarah Lawrence College, where she was the Multimedia Editor at Lumina and Managing Editor at Babel, the college’s journal for translation. Her resources for teachers and writers can be found at drunkenlibrary.com.