Headspace #1

Headspace is a chapbook series published under Raptor. The first book, Headspace #1, is about belonging and all of the messy emotions that come along with it.

I moved to Brooklyn in December 2014. I had no job, and in the midst of talking (and talking and talking) to my  friends about how terribly exciting and strangely depressing living in a new city is, I kept asking them the same question: “What’s going on in your brain?”

Headspace final books

How gorgeous are they? Covers screened at Gowanus Print Lab, Brooklyn, NY

Talking to them reminded me of something Sharon Van Etten said during her show at Thalia Hall: we’re all just trying to find somebody to relate to. In an effort to understand how to process my feelings about moving and starting over, I reached out to my near- and far-flung friends and asked them to write about how they think about change. They thought about their own experiences with moving and loving and losing and translated their messed-up insides into essays and poems and art, and I made it all into a book.

Headspace 1 Interior

Headspace 1 Interior | Illustration by DB

Designer/Editor: Tara Jayakar
Illustrator: DB
Authors:  Danny Resner | Instagram
Eiram Rousse | Tumblr
Molly Walsh
Nell Klugman | Tinyletter
Isara Krieger | Alone With a Cupcake
Kari Koeppel | Twitter

Content for Headspace 1 © Tara Jayakar | Raptor Editing, all rights reserved. Featured image by DB.