Alongside editing book-length manuscripts for Dear English Major and the YA series The Paper Hearts Club (unpublished), Raptor also publishes original anthologies of poetry, fiction, and essays under the chapbook series Headspace. I solicit artists and authors worldwide, create submission schedules and deadlines, and edit all accepted pieces for content and style. All design is done in-house, and every book is hand cut, painted, printed and bound in about 3-6 months. Books in the Headspace series are set in Abadi MT Condensed Light, and each issue is numbered.

A big part of Raptor is making sure artists get paid for their work. After production costs are recouped, proceeds from book sales are split amongst contributors and Raptor Editing (so we can make more books!), so every book bought brings support to art and artists across the country. Chapbooks can be purchased over at our store in both physical and digital editions.

If you’re interested in submitting art, poetry, short fiction, or short essays for any future issues, please reach out to me at Headzinespace[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll talk.

Headspace 1 cover art by DB

Headspace #1

Raptor Editing’s first chapbook is about belonging and all of the messy emotions that come along with it.


A book about kissing.