Portfolio, CV

Mixed media, clay, watercolor, acrylics, and block printing:

untitled hand triptych | 2022 | 11x17in

acrylic and water-based block printing ink on brown craft paper, mounted on gray drawing paper. acrylic application using a palette knife, relief carving, block printing.

reach for me i’ll reach for you | 2022 | 8×8.25in

acrylic and oil-based block printing ink on watercolor paper. acrylic painting, relief carving, block printing, and weaving.
puliar in the garden, for paati | 2021 | 16×20

acrylic, graphite, and ink on craft paper. Tamil text of the Mahabharata on canvas board.

untitled ceramic 1 | 2021 | 5×4.5×4.5in

red clay with house glaze. Wheel thrown and dipped

untitled ceramic 2 | 2021 | 6×5.25×5.25

red clay with house glaze. Wheel thrown, dipped glaze on the outside, poured on the inside.

mouth off | 2021 | 13x18in

acrylic and water on high-texture watercolor paper, mounted on brown craft board.