DBO, short for dumb bitches only, is a collection of work written during the Summer 2019 Tin House Writers’ retreat. The covers were illustrated and hand-cut, and both the covers and endpapers were printed in-house.

That summer, twelve of us gathered every day for a week, workshopping our poems and laughing a lot during a class led by Kaveh Akbar. I wanted the book to reflect how coming together every day on the top floor of the chapel felt porous, transformative, and filled with possibility, air, sweetness, light. I used faded blue construction paper and brown craft paper, with a three-punch saddle stitch and un-waxed hemp thread.

This book was created specially for us, in an edition of twelve.

Book Designer/Artist: Tara Jayakar
Authors: Allison Albino
David M. de Leon
Inam Kang
Jeff Whitney
Josh Corson
Kabel Mishka Ligot
Kaveh Akbar
Kiran Bath
Nicholas Nichols
Parker O’Connor
Pinar Yaşar
Tara Jayakar
Robert Hayden

Book Design & Art copyright for DBO © 2020 Tara Jayakar | Raptor Editing, all rights reserved. Authors retain all rights to their own work.