Already Felt is a publishing project centering queer and trans Black poets and poets of color. Co-Editors Alexis Aceves Garcia, Devyn Mañibo, and danilo machado commissioned Raptor for the project, which launched in the Summer of 2020.

DBO is a collection of work written during the Summer 2019 Tin House Writers’ retreat, during a workshop led by poet Kaveh Akbar.

The Great Good News of Your Own Voice is an anthology of poems from the free, weekly drop-in workshop of the same name, led by poet Aracelis Girmay in the Spring of 2018.

Headspace final books

Headspace #1 is the first book in the Raptor Press Headspace chapbook series. It’s about belonging and all of the messy emotions that come along.

Hurricane Butterfly is Raptor’s first stand-alone book, a collection of poems dedicated to the spirit of the late Pete Burns written by Cody Ross Romero and Kevin Salvaggio.

MACK is a book about kissing. It is the second installment of the Headspace chapbook series.

Woman As Threat is a study on power, where the voices of nine women address the [other] in their lives. Written by Niyati Patel.


For the Headspace series, I solicit artists and authors worldwide; create submission schedules and deadlines; and edit all accepted pieces for content and style. The editorial process follows that of Raptor Editing guidelines and Chicago style.

A big part of Raptor is making sure artists get paid for their work. When Raptor sells books, we recoup production costs first. After that, proceeds from book sales are split amongst contributors and Raptor Editing (so we can make more books), so every piece bought brings support to art and artists across the globe. Chapbooks can be purchased over at our store in both physical and digital editions. When we produce books on commission, Raptor retains 10 copies for our archives. The rest are delivered to our clients, who are entirely responsible for and reap the benefits of pricing and distribution.

Whether the book is commissioned or produced by us, All Raptor Press books are Art Directed in-house. Each piece is hand cut, painted, printed and bound.

If you are interested in commissioning work through Raptor, please read about our offerings and reach out to me through our contact form and we’ll talk.