Woman as Threat

Woman as Threat is a study on power, where the voices of nine women address the [other] in their lives for the threat of their birth, body, and brain.

In her note, author Niyati writes, “power as change, power as inheritance, the power or which women are treated like threats. for if women at rest are treated like threats—silenced, disconnected, repressed—why not be Woman?

why not be threat?”

For this book, we chose a 130lb matte black board for the covers, with a soft matte 32lb black interior, balancing rigidity, softness, and an intensity of touch. I used wood block type from the house collection at The Arm Letterpress in Williamsburg, using black ink for the covers and transparent ink for the interior. It is bound with waxed, black hemp thread, and each edition is numbered in gold.

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Book Exterior Designer/Editor: Tara Jayakar
Interior layout: Niyati
Author: Niyati | niyati.ink

Content copyright for Woman as Threat © Niyati Patel. Design copyright for Woman as Threat © Tara Jayakar | Raptor Editing, all rights reserved. Authors retain all rights to their own work.