Raptor is a press of community, and in centering authors and writers of color, the majority of whom are queer, we work hard to make sure that each of our authors are paid, even in some small part, for the work that they produce. Publishing is not a privilege—writers are a gift, and it is up to the publishing community to sustain the art that gives us life.

Your writing, your art, is of the body, and your body needs to eat. 

Raptor produces a zine series every two years called Headspace. I solicit pieces, edit, and publish each issue largely by myself. Each issue hovers around the themes of belonging and community. MACK, our latest, is a book about kissing.

Our first stand-alone book, Hurricane Butterfly, is a collection of poems dedicated to the spirit of the late Pete Burns written by Cody Ross Romero and Kevin Salvaggio.

We also do books on commission/in collaboration with other artists in the community. In early December 2018, Raptor published The Great Good News of Your Own Voice, an anthology of poems written in a free drop-in workshop that took place in Bed-Stuy from March to May. The book was commissioned by Poet and Dear Friend Aracelis Girmay (who facilitated the workshop), and sponsored by the Center for Justice at Columbia University.

For more information on any of our publications, please visit our Books page, and click through the titles to see more on each chapbook.

If you would like to commission a book through Raptor, please reach out to us at houseofraptor [at] gmail [dot] com.