In the second installment of Headspace, MACK, I wanted to explore all the weird and different emotions and airs behind a kiss. This book contains kisses between lovers, between kin and friends and entire cities. They’re large and quiet and beautiful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of writers to bring this subject to the page.

MACK cover

The creation of this chapbook was inspired by Nicole Sealey’s miracle of a poem “Virginia is for Lovers” which was published in American Poetry Review vol. 45 issue no. 5. It can also be found in her chapbook, The Animal After Whom Other Animals Are Named.

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Designer/Editor: Tara Jayakar
Laser Cutting: David Choi | Fat Cat FAB LAB
Authors:  Kortney Morrow
Sreshtha Sen | The Shoreline Review
Bonnie Chau
Onyinye Ukegbu
Cody Ross Romero | Hurricane Butterfly
Rowana Abbensetts | Spoken Black Girl

Compilation & Art copyright for MACK © Tara Jayakar | Raptor Editing, all rights reserved. Authors retain all rights to their own work.